Mindfulness sessions at Reliance Infrastructure Limited


" One of the greatest truth since mankind has evolved is "Mindfulness".Though most of us have read or heard about mindfulness but very few may have practised it. She demonstrated that each one of us can pratice mindfulness at our workplace or at are home without any requirement of gymnasium or exercise equipment. She also clarified that mindfulness can be practiced by men or women of all ages. Mrs Kamal Malhi's session on mindfulness lead us to understand and discover new way of fitness and well-being. "

" Very insightful and enlightening session. Within the limited time available, Mrs. Malhi was able to fully engage all participants on the benefits of Mindfulness Meditation. I have developed a keen interest to explore this further. "

" In the midst of our day-to-day routine, we often tend to ignore the most important thing i.e our Body who works for us tirelessly 24/7. through Mrs. Malhi's session we do not only realise the importance of giving due respect to our body/senses but also learnt the art and power of mindfulness. The session acted as an eye opener. The overall experience was absolute serene. "

" She is simple yet powerful speaker who aroused the sensory organs of the audience within few hours. the finesse with which the session was delivered, spells out the depth of knowledge and experience that she was in the subject. "