Aimed at all in positions of leadership, governance, military, police and all sizes of corporate organisations.

A major question for a company to ask is whether it should have a mindfulness retreat for its workers. This could be done in place of - or as a supplement to - team-building exercises. People who meditate together often feel a strong sense of togetherness irrespective of if a team-building program is being done. Employees who learn to sit quietly, both alone and also at the same time with others, are learning to be comfortable sharing a crucial part of their interior identities, and this is a powerful way of making workers feel good being around each other.Within each of us is the potential to lead with excellence and influence in ways that make positive differences in our organizations, our families, and our communities. But it’s hard to reach our potential for excellence when we are so busy trying to stay current that there is no time to focus on the big picture. As we scurry through back-to-back meetings, fend off constant “emergency” interruptions, and scramble to react to change, we also lose our ability to respond with clarity, creativity and compassion.

What can you learn from this course?

The aim of this course is to learn the practical aspects of how to incorporate mindfulness in daily life with greater authenticity and focus at work, at home and in every sphere of your life.

  • An in-depth exploration of Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership
  • How training the mind cultivates leadership excellence
  • How to engage the innate capacities of the mind to enhance leadership expertise
  • Learn techniques of increasing emotional intelligence
  • Allow space for creative solutions by becoming more comfortable amidst uncertainty and adversity
  • Acquire skills for conflict resolution and dealing with hardships by changing negative patterns of thinking, reacting and feeling
  • Create a collaborative team mindset and become appreciative of the efforts of others
  • Improve decision making skills and strategic planning
  • Experience mindfulness meditation instruction
  • Learn how to take a Purposeful Pause in the midst of a busy day
  • How to Mindfully Communicate
  • Personal consultancy for individuals

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