The workshop is highly practical with interactive sessions to learn ways of applying simple and realistic mindfulness activities into everyday life to support wellbeing at work and at home.  The workshop covers the principles and core techniques such as mindful breathing, sitting, attention, eating, and guided instruction in mindfulness practices.  It comprises an integrated sequence of exercises based on the general concepts of modern group-based mindfulness practices.  The techniques are cognitive behavioral, evidence-based, and will be immediately useful and effective for improving health and well-being.

Anyone over the age of 18 years is eligible for the course, regardless of any previous experience in meditation or mindfulness practice. The course is also relevant for pain management and chronic and long term diseases, ADHD, grief and trauma victims.

People from all walks of life attend our workshops as these self-management skills are used in a broad variety of settings such as community, workplace, management, healthcare, sports, educational, and psychology.  Reasons for attending are as diverse as enhancing quality-of-life, improving interpersonal relationship, addressing stress and anxiety, mindful education, finding peace, and parenting wisely.  The practice of mindfulness help us find clarity of mind, by allowing us to step away from habitual, reactive behaviours and respond skillfully, rather than on auto-pilot.

What can you learn from this workshop?

  • What is mindfulness and its impact on health and well-being
  • How to remain intentionally present with attention, rather than churning over the past or worrying about the future
  • The scientific research in the field of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, enhancing relationships and leadership qualities
  • Learn how to respond to stressful events skillfully without feelings of worry, anxiety, and self-doubt
  • Find out how to engage with more acceptances - without assumptions, criticism, blame or shame and therefore become less judgmental
  • Discover how to connect with greater capacity for compassion, self-awareness, balance and confidence
  • Reduce stress and generate more calm and peacefulness in daily life.
  • Experience the transformative power of mindfulness eating, deep listening, attentive looking, consciously feeling and walking meditation
  • Learn the four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Practice Mindfulness Breathing and Mindfulness Movement for Stress Reduction
  • Mindfulness Journaling and Mindfulness for relationships

If you are interested or would like to know more, please get in touch with us here