Kamal Malhi is the founder of Lotus Sutra and a teacher of mindfulness based meditation techniques. She is a trained instructor in mindfulness-based- stress- reduction (MBSR) as taught by Jon Kat-Zinn; mindfulness-based-cognitive-therapy (MBCT) developed by Dr. Dan Spiegal and mindfulness-based-relapse-prevention (MBRT) by Dr. Alan Marlatt.

In the last 30 years, she has practiced and directly learnt Insight Meditation with Thich Nhat Hann and Ajahn Sumedho. In addition, she has also been a student of Vipassana with Venerable S. N. Goenka as well as being a Theravada Buddhist practitioner.

She has been teaching meditation, Pranayama (in the Kaivalyadham tradition), Kriya yoga and breath meditation for the past decade. In recent times, she has trained senior leaders and employees in Mindfulness and Leadership programs along with her husband Vice Admiral H.S. Malhi.

As an educator for the last four decades, she has been a teacher and developed curriculums and administration for educational institutions such as J.B Petit High School for Girls, Bombay. She has also created programs for teaching English as a second language for teachers, taught adult literacy and established rural schools in Lonavla and Secunderabad. She has worked extensively in environmental and community projects for the Indian Navy.

A trainer to trainers, a certified counselor and an avid traveler, she has been a proud Naval wife, mother to two daughters Simrit and Aanchal and a doting grandmother to her grand dogs Yogi and Cadbury and granddaughter Aeko.


After 36 meritorious and distinguished years of service in the Indian Navy and 5 years in the public and private sector, Vice Admiral H.S. Malhi now brings his outstanding expertise in leadership of large organisations and men to train senior management and executives on the intricacies of Mindful Leadership.

An alumnus of National Defence Academy, he was commissioned into the Indian Navy on 01 Jan 1972. He has completed a Post Graduate Course in Marine Engineering, Naval Higher Command Course and the National Security Course at the esteemed National Defence College during his career in the Indian Navy. He has served afloat in a number of war vessels and was Fleet Engineer Officer of the Western Fleet. His major appointments ashore included Commanding Officer of INS Shivaji, Indian Navy’s premier technical training establishment for engineers and Warship Production Superintendent at Mazagon Dock Ltd Mumbai, where he oversaw commissioning of destroyer INS Mumbai, corvette INS Kirch and missile boat INS Prabal.

As Flag Officer, he was Director, Defence Machinery Design Establishment at Hyderabad and served as Admiral Superintendent, Naval Dockyard at Visakhapatnam, Indian Navy’s premier ship repair yard on the East Coast.

For his distinguished service with the Navy, he was awarded the Ati Vishisht Seva Medal and the Vishisht Seva Medal by the President of India.

Upon retiring from the Indian Navy, Vice Admiral Malhi was appointed as the Chairman & Managing Director of Mazagon Dock Ltd. Mumbai in 2008. His tenure at MDL saw the commissioning of INS Shivalik, the Indian Navy’s first indigenously built stealth frigate and the launching of the second and third ships of Kolkata class destroyers.

Till recently, he was Group President and CEO of Reliance Defence and Engineering Ltd. and served as a Whole Time Director. He led a highly motivated team at the Pipavav Shipyard and engaged in shipbuilding and heavy industry.

As a retiree, Vice Admiral H. S. Malhi serves on the board of directors and as an administrative consultant. He is an avid golfer, keen swimmer, intrepid traveler, an inspiring father and a devoted grandfather.


Chaitali Kulkarni

Chaitali Kulkarni

Manas Krushi industries Limited

Living Mindfully in today’s fast paced and busy life seemed impossible until I met this terrific mentor, who trained me to become alert to every moment for something as minor as brushing my teeth with complete focus. These practices made me more aware of my being. With her powerful meditation techniques along with her beautiful presence and the auro she radiates, she has changed the way I live for the best. Thank you Kamal!
Sonia Anand

Sonia Anand

Kamal is an epitome of peace and cheerfulness. Each meditation session or in fact even a simple conversation with her makes one calm, peaceful and realise one's inherent potential. She is love and fun personified. Sometimes she is a mother, sometimes a dear friend, and sometimes a truly inspiring teacher- a very rare combination in one person. It's a blessing to know you, Kamal.
Krittika Sharma

Krittika Sharma

Her analogies put a lot of theoretical ideas into perspective for me. Her sense of care and warmth are endearing and always present when she holds space for you.

Sapna Bharwani

Meditation with Kamal was truly a treat! Her soft, sweet voice was enough to transport you to another world, one where my daily stresses seemed so insignificant! I miss her so much I wish she could have stayed for ever!

Nita Hemani

Hi all I have known Kamal for quite sometime and I think she's a fabulous meditation teacher who can really guide you on the right path and moments. She's so calm and accurate with her teachings that any of us would not want to leave her as her guidance and teaching level is so high and perfect besides being a good and clean soul so everyone all the best and am sure you will be able to judge her the same as I have done

Shirin Darasha

Kamal exudes joi de vivre and is a caring, committed teacher.

Erika Osmann

Don't just take my word for it - take a Mindfulness class with Kamal. There is something so special that gets created in her class through joined hearts opening, and the offering of silent appreciation to the Divine within ourselves. When we give our best efforts to stay mindful, uplift our energies, relax, and release our worries, the most simple and yet amazing blessings happened. And dare I say, I witness these almost every day!


Physical Fitness trainer

The MBSR course I did was so much more than I expected. Many of the big questions I have been holding and searching about found answers, or found a place to rest. I was given so many tools for helping me in my life, which I can offer to others as well. If I notice myself getting irritable, feeling like something in life is insurmountable, or I just feel a little bit off, I often look to the mindfulness practices I have learnt There is just a subtle, and yet a very profound shift in the way I am feeling that happens, and I find I can continue about my day in a more effective and uplifted manner. More than anything else I have studied-what can I say, this stuff works!!!

Michael Manyan


It's been my pleasure to learn and connect with you. Also, you have a lovely choice of words. It's great connecting with like minded people like yourself. Continue teaching and have a blessed day !


Nevada City, CA

I think partially it is the energy and patience that Kamal exudes that attracts some really amazing people from a wide variety of backgrounds to her teaching . The 12 students that I attended with turned out to be some of the most diverse, well read, astute, creative, joyful, funny, open, discerning, beautiful, and hard-working people that you would find in any well-run, dynamic Fortune 500 company. The Mindfulness meditation we learnt actually enables us to go out and make the world a better place. And isn’t that what we all really want?”

Majna Plesko

Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Monastery

Beautiful words, Kamal! Thank you for teaching us life serving skills I wish that mindfulness practices are learnt by your students - for you and for all mankind.

Garab Dorji

Thanks for everything and happy to have connected with you. Please keep in touch. Have a wonderful day and life ahead.


I’ve always been impressed with your deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, your teaching and practice of mindfulness in daily life - and this flows through your classes, and is passed on to the students on both an individual level and class level. I have always been encouraged by your calm assurance & find your teaching methods motivating. The classes have always been enjoyable and provided an opportunity for personal physical and mental development through mindfulness practices

Manoj Bhurke

Kamal Malhi is a best meditation teacher I had experience among many other teacher I had gone through. I have got best experience in my life regarding my career goals , relationship issues, self enlightenment through whatever meditations she taught us ,we all her students missing her techniques in Mumbai.

Parmita Shroff

I feel she is my mentor, taking me from darkness to light. Her teachings at times may not sound so profound but they have a subtle effect of creeping into our way of life.
One of my favourite methods of cultivating mindfulness was her class on 'Label' & 'Savour' the experience. Words are overrated. Just being in her presence you can imbibe her silence, feel the serenity and let her teachings wash over you.